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Mind that Heals, Mind that Hurts

This is the transcript of a talk given to a group of Buddhists at Buddhist Maha Vihara, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur in 2004 on how our mind can affect our physical and mental health.

The Book of Personal Transformation

This book introduces the fundamental principles of personal transformation, and is a companion book to The Personal Transformation Workshop. It is available in printed form.

Meditation: Ancient Tool for Transformation

This book is an introduction to meditation practice for beginners, including scientific evidence for the benefits of meditation practices.

From Fear to Love

This book is a sharing of Dr. Ong's self-examination of fear, and how to move from a fear-driven life to a love-driven life.

A Spiritual Life

This book contains a collection of writings and musings about spirituality.

The Five Fundamental Spiritual Truths

This is a distillation of fundamental spiritual truths that are important to know for self-growth and transformation.

Daily Mindfulness

This is a practical guide on how to practice mindfulness in your daily life, to sharpen self-awareness and focus. It also explains the importance of recognising our mental habits. It is available in printed form.

The Sage

This is an imaginery conversation with a fictional sage on life and reality, absolute and relative truths.

Reflections on Life

More reflections, musings and anecdotal stories about life.

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