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I TRANSFORMED my Life and YOU can too!

Wake up from your daily trance-like existence and regain your divine rights to Love, Health, Power and Abundance!

4 Amazingly Powerful Tools to instantly Transform Your...

My dear friend, let me ask you...

Is your life full of... Anxieties? Worries? Fear? Depression? Anger?
Does life seem like a constant struggle for you?
Do you have fear of success?
Are you unconsciously resisting abundance into your life?
Do you have limiting beliefs about money?
Are you working hard and yet not getting the money?
Are you having problems relating to others?
Are you stuck in a bad relationship?
Are you repeating patterns of self-destructive behaviours?
Are you experiencing poor health? Lacking in energy and vitality?
Does it seem like a struggle to stay in good health? To be healthy?
Does it seem like you're trapped in an unjust and merciless world? That there is no way out?

If you answered "YES" to even one of the above, discover NOW the "secrets" to living a life of love that is free from fear, anxieties, worries and anger. Learn the immutable laws that govern the universe and all of life, and transform your life TODAY!

Learn all these from someone who is "walking his talk"! I've done it and so can YOU!

A Wondeful Guide!

At each junction there are two ways we can go in life: the way of Love and its components - empathy, trust, certainty, confidence, understanding. Or, the way of Fear and its components - lies, refusal to understand, harmful acts, withheld communication. This corresponds to those archetypes: forces of the light and forces of the dark.

Much of our upbringing is dominated by the basic survival needs and the fear of their lack. But to achieve our highest need, for self- realization, we need to align ourselves toward the light.

Tim Ong's book, 'From Fear to Love,' is a wonderful guide, both to understanding our situation and to transcending it, so that we can truly live our lives in the light of Love.

Peter Shepherd
- Tools for Transformation -
"Minds, like parachutes, function better when open"

From the Desk of Dr. Tim Ong, M.B.B.S.


I'm about to share a secret with you - a secret that even some of my closest friends do not know about.

Way back in 1992, when I was in my third year as a medical doctor, my family and friends thought that I was living my dream life. But it was really a BIG LIE!

At that point in my life, I was over-worked and under-paid. I didn't like my schedules and I wasn't looking forward to seeing more and more sick people every day. To make matters worse, I was in a relationship that was quickly swinging out of control.

Nothing seemed to be going right for me!

In desperation, I took a month no-pay leave and went off in search of answers. I took a trip into China, trekking my way into Tibet, a highly spiritual land that I hope could provide me with some insights into the meaning of life.

I have many questions!

Since I consider myself a pretty decent human being (don't we all?), having done nothing intentionally to hurt others, I asked...

Why do I have to suffer such pain and despair?
Why was I so fearful of the future?
Why do I have to worry so much about every little thing?
Is there no way to have a secure life, free from worries?
Is our life fated, or do we have the power to determine our own destiny?

If you've ever been depressed before, then you'll understand why I felt that life was bleak and gloomy. I can't see a way out, and sometimes I have even wonder whether there was any point in continuing.

Such was my mental state at that time!

Fortunately for me, I did learn something in that trip -- something that would have seemed almost too insignificant to be bothered with had I not been looking for it!

I learned...

The power of our mind and how it influences our life
How our subconscious mind truly control our life
How beliefs work
How the immutable universal laws work
How to live with the flow of life

But the most important thing I learned was...

Anyone Can Transform His or Her Life

Anyone, and I mean anyone, can transform his life -- IF he is determined to do so and IF he knew how.

I came back from that trip with a determination to learn all I can about the working of the mind and to transform my life. To equip myself with the right knowledge, I got my hands on all the self improvement and spiritual books that I could find, including writings from the ancient sages and mystics. I wanted to know what our modern day science has not been able to teach me -- how to live a happy and fulfilled life!

Simple and Clear!

"(Here's) a book that I found and put ahead of all my other books I was in the middle of!

The book is called From Fear to Love - A Spiritual Journey and I was amazed at the simplicity and clarity. The book helped me in my family life, and also with a personal issue about fear that I've had for many years.

Written by a Medical Doctor, the book helps you to calm your mind and allow your divine purpose to unfold creatively and without resistance. Dr. Tim Ong takes the simple ideas of faith, doubt, trust, ego, and courage and explains what they really are.

Your life will be enriched by the clear and refreshing writing. He tells you how to live in the present moment. "

Christopher Westra
Author of I Create Reality - Beyond Visualization

In the Beginning...

In the beginning, I treaded very slowly and carefully.

Although I have learned as much as I could about the working of the mind and understood how our subconscious mind influences our life, I was still TOO guarded. I did not have sufficient faith in what I have learned nor the courage to put it into practice. Like most people who have read about mind power, I did nothing with my new found knowledge -- and so I lose out on its benefits. (Oh, ye of little faith!)

However, I do have ONE big advantage that others do not have -- I see patients everyday!

Patients with fear
Patients with anxieties
Patients who worry about money
Patients who worry about their health
Patients who are angry with their loved one, family members, life, even God!

From them I could observe the working of the mind and how it all fits in like a big jigsaw puzzle. I could observe their emotional states and see how that influence their physical health. I could trace back their thoughts and see how that led to their present emotional states. I could look at their beliefs and see how those worked like hidden computer programs to automate their responses to life.

And so...

My Patients Became My Teachers

As I continue with my practice, I began to see more and more patients whose physical ailments I believe stemmed from unresolved emotional and mental conflicts. As they said in medicine, "If you don't look for it, you won't see it." So I began to open my eyes and more importantly my mind, and what I saw provided me with new insights into the mechanism of illnesses, and the role our emotions and mind play in our overall health, which includes spiritual health.

From then on, every patient became my teacher. From each of them, I learned not only lessons that I could use to help them but also relevant for my own spiritual growth. The knowledge and insights are so powerful and transformational that I began to see dramatic results happening before my own eyes. People's lives changed merely by being made aware of their thoughts, beliefs and emotions. At times, even physical illnesses can disappear - just like that!

Here's an example:

A lady in her mid 30s came to see me complaining of asthma. She started wheezing "only recently", she said. Upon examining her, she showed all the physical signs of a bronchial asthma. I prescribed her with some anti-asthmatic drugs and asked her to come back for review after a week.

She came back -- no improvement!

I re-assessed her and changed her medications. Again she came back without much improvement. She continued to wheeze.

Then one afternoon when she came to see me again for the third time, I enquired about her life -- "Was there anything that happened prior to the onset of these symptoms?"

And she immediately burst into tears!

Apparently, she had a miscarriage about 2 weeks prior to her asthmatic attacks. She has blamed herself and felt guilty about it all these while. To make matter worse, she could not even talk about how she felt with her husband who had refused to discuss the matter with her.

That afternoon, I allowed her to pour out her griefs and heartache, and reassured her that the miscarriage was not her fault. She continued to use piece after piece of tissue papers as she vented her feelings.

One month after that incident, she came back to see me again. This time, she reported that her asthma was cured! Apparently, she did not even need to use the medicine I prescribed to her. All her symptoms disappeared after the last consultation!

Hers was not an isolated case!

I saw more and more patients with similar problems and similar outcome. I soon recognized a pattern in all these -- a pattern that keeps recurring in our health, in our relationships, in our careers and in just about everything we do.

This realization was too important to keep to myself.

Here we have information and insights that could practically transform a human being's life, and most people are still ignorant about it.

A Beautiful and Inspirational Book

Dear Tim,

Many thanks for your ebook. I bought it today and have read it from start to finish. It has inspired me unlike any other book I have read on the subject. It felt like a very personal book written out of love, realisation and gentleness. It really resonated with me.

I have started a new journal in which to capture my emotions, fears and thoughts in the hope I can start to live a more spiritual life. I started to meditate regularly a while ago but gradually let it go as the pressures of my physical life took over. It will now take precedence at the start of my day.

Many thanks for such a beautiful and inspirational book.

With love,

Sue Allerton

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We Live a Fear-Driven Life

What I learned and realized was that we all live our lives driven by fear most of the time... and that IS the problem!

From the moment we wake up until the moment we sleep every day, we live our lives in a trance-like state. Our actions and words are very often motivated by fear BUT we don't even realize that.

We work because we are driven by the fear of starvation, of not having enough, of lack. We are afraid we may not be able to pay our bills. We are afraid to fall sick, to suffer pain, to die.

There are many different types of fear in our lives. Anxieties, worries, anger, phobias, obsessions, compulsions, irritations, etc... all these are various manifestations of fear. They vary only in the degree of manifestations.

One man learned that his friend had died of a heart attack. The next day, he felt a chest pain in his heart. A check on his heart was normal.

Another person started to feel numbness over her limbs. She read in the newspapers that this is a symptom of stroke. A thorough neurological examination done was normal.

A 16 year old girl avoided all kinds of food that may potentially cause diseases. She ended up eating very little and was practically anorexic.

And these were just the tip of the iceberg!

Fear has become a Norm

The truly sad part about this is that fear has become entrenched in our culture. It has become a way of life for most of us. We have been conditioned to accept fear in our lives. That is why we don't notice it most of the time. We expect it to be there. We don't question it anymore.

But as long as we continue allowing ourselves to live a fear-based existence, we will continue to suffer the same consequences. Our life will never improve.

But it doesn't have to be this way!

We Create Our Own Fear

Like everything else in our lives, fear is self-created. Unfortunately, we create fear unconsciously and therefore it seems to us as if we have very little or no control over it.


Is it really true that we have no control over this fear-based living?

In September 2004, I started an experiment to find out the answer to that question. I wanted to know if we can transform our fear-driven life into a love-driven life. If so, are there specific methods we can use to achieve this transformation?

I use myself as the subject of experimentation. I designed a plan of action and a new way of living and thinking, and this ebook is one of four ebooks I've written that resulted from that experiment.

This ebook - From Fear to Love: A Spiritual Journey - will tell you where we went wrong and how we can rectify it.

Here's what you'll learn from this ebook:

Why your life is a fear-driven life

The two essential tools you'll need to transform your life

The four important areas of mindfulness

The amazing power of beliefs and how you can change them to your advantage

How to strengthen your faith in your new beliefs

The various aspects of your ego and Higher Self, and why it's important to know the difference

The many faces of fear and how to recognize and transform them

How fear takes away your power, and how you can regain it

How to heal yourself emotionally, mentally and spiritually by transforming your fear into love

The three major obstacles to transforming your life and how to overcome them

The effects of anger and how to overcome it

The power of forgiving

... and more!

Necessary Tools to Spiritual Development

... your work gives the reader the necessary tools to spiritual development, which is urgently needed. I mean: The tools and also the spiritual development are both urgently needed.

Your book contains the complete Dharma in an easily understandable form and shows that developing spirituality can liberate us from so many dis-eases.

My interest comes from long studies of the teachings of the Buddha while spending 3+ years in a traditional retreat under the guidance of a tibetan Rinpoche. I felt that what I had come to accept and what had formed my perception of the world around me, needed to be transposed into the normal everyday life and needed to be applied in a practical way. I felt that just sitting on my butt, meditating would not be sufficient for me.

The form and the language of the Dharma as taught in the retreat appears to be a bit complicated to the “normal” human being. So, when I read your book, I thought, that´s it.

I think it is a great book and deserves every effort to be spread widely!

People in a position of power are securing this position frequently if not always by using fear as a weapon, to keep the people under their influence. This seems to be true in religious and secular organisations equally.

If a person can be taught to conquer fear with the methods you describe and is experiencing the freedom this change in perception brings about, this person will not so easily be frightened by “authority” but be courageous instead of fearful.

George Schmidt

A Clearer Perspective

I was diagnosed with lupus, an autoimmune disease several years ago and since the last two years, I have also embarked on a spiritual quest with the hope of finding ways to cope with the physical and mental pain.

This book by Dr Tim Ong has given me a clearer perspective of what I am going through now and I truly appreciate the sharing of his personal experiences with his patients and his own discovery along his spiritual journey. He provides a practical, simple and gradual approach in changing the course of our life from one that is driven by fear to one that is driven by love. Reading Dr Tim Ong's book has been a unique experience for me because I know this author personally!

I am truly inspired by this book because he is a living proof that we are all capable of walking this spiritual journey and face our resistances with great courage, determination and most importantly, with love."

Love and peace,

One of the Best Books


I enjoyed reading your book "From Fear to Love". It is one of the best books I have read on spirituality. The presentation is good and it is easy to understand.


Well Worth the Price

... I am finding several things to "mull over in my mind" and I think that is good.

I am finding once I sift through the "different" way of saying something that we usually arrive at the same conclusions about a thing.

I have years of "religious" training to overcome as I continue my quest for TRUE TRUTH...and then allow my "dogmatic tendiencies" to be mellowed with INFINITE LOVE.

In short...the book is well worth the small price you're charging plus more...Thank you!


Open Your Mind to New Possibilities

As you can see, as soon as I allow my mind to be opened to new possibilities, I began to learn a whole lot of new things. It was as if a new world suddenly appeared before me. From one thing, it led to another and then another, and soon I was progressing more and more into spirituality.

What I have learned has changed my life!

For a long time, I struggled with the new knowledge that I have. It appears to be in conflict with all that I was taught in medical school. However, on deeper analysis, I realize that it wasn't contradictory at all. In fact, it complements very well my goal to be a compassionate and effective healer. Only now, I don't just heal the physical body, but also the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects as well. Not only is this approach more holistic, it is also more fulfilling for me as well as my patients.

I am now "out of the closet" and am happily embracing the spirituality that I have grown to understand, respect and love. Some of my colleagues think I am crazy to expose myself to the risk of being labeled as "unscientific" but I cannot be true to myself by not revealing the truth.

In fact, once we've fully understood the universal laws - the immutable natural laws - and how they work to govern our life, we'll realize that this knowledge is a science! It is the science of living!

In this ebook, I share with you what I've learned from my own experiment as well as the lessons I've learned from my patients. I revealed to you the insights and lessons from quiet contemplations and observations.

I have put myself through the challenge and that has transformed my life!

I now challenge you to open your mind to new possibilities and discover for yourself your own spirituality, power and mastery over your life, love, wealth and health.

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Love and Light,

P.S. There comes a time when we need to make a bold decision to change our lives. If we always act out of fear, we'll continue to be stucked in our fear-driven lives. Act now out of love, faith and a sincere wish for transformation!