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Spiritual Transformation

Spiritual Transformation is probably a misnomer since spirit is perfect and does not require transformation. However, what transformation is needed here is the removal of our resistance to spirit. Once our resistance is no longer there, spirit can flow freely into our life and we can live intuitively, guided by spirit.

Intuitive living is both loving and tranquil. Intuitive living is possible when the self is out of the way.

To know more about Spiritual Transformation, we endeavor to learn more about these states:

  1. Living intuitively (in the Zone)
  2. Unconditional Love
  3. Peace or Stillness

At this level of Spirit, words and descriptions are actually impediments to our progress. They tend to confuse rather than clarify. Words are inadequate.

The best is personal experience.

Exploring Spirituality

Beliefs and Truths

A belief is a conviction of the truth of something. It is merely a perception of reality, not necessarily reality itself. A belief need not be based on truth.

"The absence of any connection between belief and truth is very important to remember, because it is so easily forgotten." - Dr. Gordon Coates

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