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We are Spiritual Beings

Ideally, we want to totally eliminate all fears from our lives, and we can only do that when we see ourselves as spiritual beings. As long as we see ourselves as physical beings, we will continue to be attached to our body, which means we will be in fear of our physical death.

Since death is inevitable for everyone, we may as well learn to accept it, and acceptance comes easiest when we see ourselves as spiritual beings. We then see death as just a transition from one physical existence to another. Death is only a change of one physical body to another, much like changing our clothes.

Is it a challenge for you to see yourself as a spiritual being, as opposed to a physical being? Are you still unconvinced that you are indeed a spiritual being? If so, then I invite you to do your own research on these topics:

Perhaps the most convincing option is your very own personal psychic experience, such as out-of-body experience (OBE) or psychic experience in meditation. Once you have experienced it, you will no longer have any doubt about your own spiritual nature. You will know. Until then, you will have to take another person’s words for it. This is called faith.

However, even in faith, you do not need to believe blindly. You can still demand for some sort of proof. The topics I have mentioned above are some of the evidence pointing to your spiritual nature.

Admittedly, they may not be conclusive evidence. Nevertheless, they are supportive evidence. Seen individually, they may not be very strong evidence, but taken together as a group, the evidence becomes compelling. They should at least strengthen your faith or belief that you are indeed a spiritual being.

Believing in our spirituality is beneficial in several ways. Firstly, it sets us on a view or perspective that is wholesome. People who are spiritual place value in virtues such as love, compassion, harmony, justice and inner peace. They live their lives in accordance to these values. In doing so, they are a blessing to themselves, their families as well as their communities.

In addition, people who are spiritual also benefit from good health, both physically and mentally. Several scientific studies on this group of people have consistently showed that they are healthier and happier compared to the general population. They are also more grateful for what they have, and that brings about a sense of contentment and inner peace.

A true spiritual path is one that brings us from a point of faith in spirituality to a point of knowing that we are spiritual beings.

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Beliefs and Truths

A belief is a conviction of the truth of something. It is merely a perception of reality, not necessarily reality itself. A belief need not be based on truth.

"The absence of any connection between belief and truth is very important to remember, because it is so easily forgotten." - Dr. Gordon Coates

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