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Death and Dying Support Group

By Dr. Ong Tien Kwan


The main goal of conducting this Death Workshop is to help participants become familiar with the dying process and to allay the fear of dying for the participant.

However, we also wish to encourage the creation and establishment of Death and Dying Support Groups within the community. There is an urgent need to fill the void in this space so that we can help to transform what is usually a dreadful dying experience into one that is calming, peaceful and spiritually fulfilling for all concerned. In addition, the support group can offer grief and bereavement support for the family, or refer them to trained professionals for therapy if required.

These support groups should work closely with hospices, counsellors, psychologists, funeral directors as well as relevant groups to provide a complete and holistic support to the dying person, the family and caregivers.

Goals of the support group:

1. To allay the fear of dying
2. To change attitude and transform the dying experience
3. To prepare the dying for a good death
4. To support the caregivers
5. To provide support for grief & bereavement
6. To make sense of the spiritual experiences

Skills and Knowledge required:

1. Understanding of the dying process
2. Compassion for the dying
3. Active (deep) listening
4. People skill

Complementary Support:

1. Hospice Care
2. Counsellors & Psychologists
3. Chanting Groups
4. Meditation Groups
5. Funeral Advice

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