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What is forgiveness?

Forgiveness is a conscious decision to:

  1. let go of the pain, anger and resentment
  2. let go of the need for revenge or retaliation
...arising from a real or perceived injury.

It is an act of compassion towards oneself, to free onself from the bondage to a past hurt.

According to Fred Luskin, an American researcher in forgiveness, grieving must come first before we can start to forgive. He further pointed out that a successful forgiveness requires:

  1. Acknowledging the injury
  2. Feeling the pain/emotion
  3. Sharing the story (with someone you can trust)

Reverend Desmond Tutu and his daughter Mpho presented a Fourfold Path of forgiveness in their "Book of Forgiveness".

  1. Tell your story
  2. Name the pain
  3. Grant forgiveness
  4. Renew or release the relationship

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