Extreme Holocreation: The Power of Being Bold

Extreme Holocreation: The Power of Being Bold

Be bold in your desires and your creations!

If you are bold, the universe will conspire to help achieve your dreams!

I have found boldness to be so magical that I always make extreme HoloCreation the final step in the HoloCreation session. Always make your final hologram an extreme hologram because they are so powerful. Extreme holograms expand your limitations and enlarge your possibilities.

Definition of an Extreme Hologram: A ridiculous enlargement or extension of one of your regular goals.


You choose a Hummer for your dream vehicle, and create the usual holograms. For the Super hologram you start taking the image of a Hummer to extreme proportions.

What if you owned an entire Hummer dealership? For me, I love Hummers, but I don’t

So I start expanding my vision again. What if I developed a fleet of natural gas powered Hummers? No, even better, what if I invented a magnetic motor for my Hummer fleet, or created solar-powered Hummers? See the image, and more importantly, feel what it would be like to own a fleet of energy efficient vehicles.

It feels great to visualize making a positive change in the world!

For a second example, let’s take the goal of wanting to live in Hawaii. Taking this to extreme, ridiculous proportions, you could picture yourself purchasing an entire small island.

In fact, picture yourself buying a medium size island somewhere, and starting your own country! You could then design the government the way you want.

In order to be expansive enough, do the Extreme HoloCreation in two levels like I have done in the examples above. Stretch a goal to extreme proportions, then enlarge it again to ridiculous levels. This expansive type of thinking, done just once a day, will create major changes in who you are and what you are willing to dream!

Some of the silly, ridiculous Extreme HoloCreations you created will one day be realities that benefit millions of people.


Christopher Westra is the author of “I Create Reality: How to Use Holographic Creation to Manifest Your Desires,” and “Realms of Joy, Time of Light: How You Can Master Holographic Time to Obtain Extreme Wealth and Peace.” Learn more at www.ICreateReality.com

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