The Reality Sculptor

The Reality Sculptor

A reality sculptor is one who molds his life according to his will. He achieves this by thoroughly understanding the five fundamental spiritual truths, cultivating his mind and mastering the skills and techniques necessary for the achievement of his goals.

A reality sculptor sees the world in a certain way and his mind is a vibrational match to what he aims to achieve.

Anyone can be a reality sculptor.



Most people do not live their lives with this awareness that they can affect their own reality and only a handful of those who know actually put in the effort to affect their reality. Of those who do put in the effort, their ability to mold their lives varies.

Igor Ledochowski, a master hypnotist and trainer, classifies reality sculptors into three different levels of competency. They are:

  1. The Mechanic
  2. The Engineer
  3. The Wizard (Magician)



If you choose to become a reality sculptor, your greatest asset is that you can CHOOSE what to FOCUS on. In fact, it is your only FREE WILL.

  1. BELIEF – Believe it and you will see it
  2. INVERTED THINKING – What Is is already done; focus on the job at hand
  3. EMPTY YOUR MIND – Reset, reset, reset to remove, remove, remove resistance
  4. VIBRATIONAL MATCH – Resonance, Magnetize, Attraction, Causal, whatever you call it


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