How to Love Genuinely

How to Love Genuinely

This short video is a description of genuine love, as opposed to a love full of attachments and self-focused. Genuine love focuses on the other person’s needs and happiness while “selfish” love focuses on one’s own needs and happiness. Genuine love finds fulfillment from within oneself while selfish love tries to find fulfillment from someone else.

Thus, genuine love is totally from within and not subjected to what is outside of oneself. It is therefore more within our own domain and not dependent on another for its source of happiness and contentment. Selfish love, on the other hand, being dependent on someone else to provide our happiness, is inherently more unstable, unpredictable, out of our own control and subject to the whims and fancies of an external source. In this way, self love sets oneself up for failure and disappointment.

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