How the Universe work: Absolute and Relative Realities

How the Universe work: Absolute and Relative Realities

This perpetually changing universe that we live in was born out of something that is unchanging.

This “something” that is unchanging – permanently the same – is named the Absolute Reality (ultimate reality, absolute or ultimate truth). Our ever-changing universe, on the other hand, is named Relative Reality (apparent reality, relative or apparent truths).

Both science and religions have been attempting to describe these two contrasting realities. When each describes these realities using their own words, labels and terminologies, it can become extremely confusing for the spiritual seeker. Sometimes, same words used may carry different meanings, while at other times, different words used may refer to the same thing.

One way to go around this confusing state of affair is to look at the meaning, qualities or nature of the thing that the words are trying to convey.

Another way is to read all these different descriptions of realities and compare and contrast them to see how they all can fall into place, like a giant jigsaw puzzle, with all their pieces in their proper places.

Here are some of the resources to help you come to your own conclusions about how the universe works.

  1. The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science, by Thomas Troward (using scientific terminologies)
  2. The Impersonal Life, by Joseph Benner (using Christian terminologies)
  3. The Tao de Ching (Eastern mystic)
  4. Lankavatara Sutra (Mahayana Buddhism)
  5. Kybalion (Western occult or hidden knowledge)

After reading all of the above, this is how I have come to understand how the world works. This is how I have come to see realities.

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