Live a Principle-centered Life

Live a Principle-centered Life

An accurate world view is the first prerequisite for living a successful and fulfilling life. This is because your world view becomes the foundation on which all your other beliefs about the world and life are built upon.

From your world view, you formulate – consciously or unconsciously – certain guiding principles of life that you will live by. When your world view is right, then your guiding life principles will churn out the desired outcomes for you. On the contrary, when your world view is wrong, you would have set yourself up for failure.

Have you ever examine your own life principles? What guides and motivates you in your goals and choices? Are you guided by truth, unconditional love and justice, or are you running on ignorance and fear?

From the spiritual perspective, the most important principle to live by is to live in accordance with the universal laws. When you live your life in congruence with these laws, you allow your life to unfold gracefully without resistance.

The Book of Personal Transformation contains some of the fundamental principles and qualities that are required to kick-start your own personal transformation.

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