7 Characteristics of Personal Transformation

Transformation means change, which can be either good or bad. However, when we speak of personal transformation, this change is implicitly positive. All personal transformation have these seven characteristics:

  1. A radical change in view
    • One sees things from a different perspective – a higher perspective. From this higher perspective, there is a change also in how one perceives things. As a result, the experience also changes.
  2. Greater self-awareness
    • There is an increase in the awareness of our own inner world of thoughts and emotions, a greater focus and attention on the inner state of being, as opposed to the distractions of the outer world.
  3. An increase sense of individuality
    • This is not an increase in the ego. Rather, it is an increase in awareness of one’s own unique qualities in the larger scheme of things. While our sameness or common qualities bind us together, it is our individuality that makes us special, giving us a unique role in existence. Therefore, embrace both our common qualities as well as your own individual uniqueness.
  4. More spiritually connected
    • This radical change in perspective also makes us feel more spiritually connected to everything. Life is seen as sacred and holy. Everyone and everything is inter-connected. We are a part of a whole, and yet we contain all of the whole.
  5. A decrease in fear, especially fear of death
    • We see ourselves as spiritual beings manifesting in physical bodies. We know that we are not this body. We are spirit. With this knowledge, fear of death is greatly diminished.
  6. An increase in inner peace
    • As fear diminishes within, inner peace begins to take center stage. Unconditional love grows. Compassion grows. Joy grows. Contentment grows.
  7. Change in relationships
    • When we see things differently and we see things as inter-connected, then we see relationships in a new light. Relationships are not competitive. Rather, they are cooperative. Relationships are meant to be mutually beneficial. Relationships become more relaxed, less dependent, less dominant, less clingy, less controlling, less stressful. In this way, relationships flourish.

7 Characteristics of Personal Transformation

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