Regrets, I have a few…

James was someone who worked himself into my circle of friends. He did it in a very subtle and nice way, making himself very useful, especially since we were new to his town. He was helpful and approachable, and always seemed to be there when you needed him.

He introduced us to people we needed to know, and took us to places we needed to go. He helped us to find good, decent houses to move into as we started to settle down in a new place and a new working environment.

James was always willing to help, and for two years, he was there for us.

Then, I moved again… to a new place, a new town and new working environment, and before long I was deeply immersed in this new place, busy with building a career and raising a family. I lost touch with James.

Years passed.

Then one day, out of the blue, James appeared at my office. He said he was in this part of the world, and was visiting some friends, and he made sure he could see me while in town. James caught me at a busy time in the office, so we didn’t spend very much time together. After a few minutes of conversation, he left, wishing me all the best in life.

That was the last time I saw James.

Some time later, I learned from a mutual friend of ours that James had passed away. He had terminal cancer, and had purposely made a trip to visit his friends to see them one last time.

I regretted that I had not allowed myself to spend more time with him on that day when he visited. I had not bothered to find out how he was doing, and had not given him the time that was due to an old and dear friend.

Yes, regrets, I have a few…

Regrets, I have a few…

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