Feelings Transformation

What we term as Feelings Transformation or Emotional Transformation is simply the transformation of living a fear-motivated life to a love-motivated life. This requires us to examine our feelings and to make the conscious decision to drop and replace fear-based thinking and motivations with those that are free from fears.

The more we drop fear from our life, the happier we become. So, this is a very worthwhile goal to strive for.

These are some of the areas we will be working on:

  1. Shadows and Fears
  2. Grief & Forgiveness
  3. Letting Go


Fear is a topic that is unpleasant to deal with. Many people would rather avoid facing their own fears than to talk about it. However, in order for us to overcome our fears, it is imperative that we learn as much as we can about fear.

Everyone of us has shadows and fears. They are the source of our pain and distress. Only by learning to clear our shadows and fears can we find space within us for love and peace.

Here are some articles on fear:

Shadow Work

Shadow Work is Cliff Barry’s unique synthesis of ancient and modern tools to help you transform your fears.

Click here to learn more about Shadow Work.



We grieve when we experience or sense the loss of someone or something that we hold dear and precious. The grieving process is a form of letting go. Learning to let go – of even our most precious possessions – is a useful mental skill that can help us achieve peace and contentment.


Forgiving is another process of letting go. In this case, we learn to let go of the pain that we have been carrying within us, and to allow ourselves to find peace with life again.

Dr. Fred Luskin is an expert in the forgiveness process. Here are a couple of short videos on forgiveness by him:


Learning to let go is an extremely useful mental skill that leads to happiness and peace. As we have said earlier, grieving and forgiving are two examples of letting go. There are other instances and methodologies of letting go.

Release Technique

Lester Levenson discovered and taught his Release Technique. His two students, Larry Crane and Hale Dwoskin, have developed very successful commercial courses using his technique.

You can learn more about this technique through their websites:


Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian technique of releasing or letting go of all our unwanted stuff. Here are some websites you can visit to learn more about this technique.

Or you can watch this short video clip on ho’oponopono here:

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