The Forgiveness Project: Transforming Pain

There are two types of pain:

  1. Physical Pain
  2. Emotional Pain

In this section, we are focusing on emotional pain.

Emotional pain can be very difficult to endure, especially if the pain was inflicted by a loved one – someone we trusted. We feel a sense of betrayal and that makes it difficult for us to learn to trust again. Thus, the destruction and upheaval to our life may seem overwhelming, and the loss irreplacable.

Yet, out of all these pain, fear, anxiety, anger, confusion and many more mixture of emotions, we must continue to live on, to endure, to bear with them.

If we are to overcome them all, we must heal from our deep wounds. We must find a way to bring ourselves out of the deep darkness that we have descended into, and reach out to the light. We must find a way to forgive ourselves as well as our perpetrator.

Self forgiveness is essential to our healing.

So here we will take a closer look at forgiveness:

  • what it is and isn’t
  • some false beliefs about forgiveness
  • the science behind forgiveness, and
  • how to forgive

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