Getting Started on Transformation Work

Transformation Work is unlike other self-help courses in that it focuses on the source of our weaknesses, pain and sufferings – that is, our mind. By going to the root cause, we can attain real and lasting transformation.

If you are new to all these, here are some steps to get you started.

Step One

To begin, it is important that you know who you really are – a spiritual being – and readily embrace this reality. There are certain fundamental spiritual truths that you will do well to understand. So, read up on The Five Fundamental Spiritual Truths.

Step Two

Then, find out what are some of the basic principles and pre-requisites you will need to begin your personal transformation. The Book of Personal Transformation is a good guide for this. You can also click here for the audio version.

Step Three

To know in greater depth about how your mind works, read up some of the greatest writings by mind science authors such as James Allen, Wallace Wattles and Thomas Troward. Check out this complete mind science pack.

Step Four

The Personal Transformation Workshop is a well-structured course that will provide you with the basic knowledge and understanding for Transformation Work.

Step Five

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