The Personal Transformation Workshop

Life can be compared to a sailboat. You are the Captain of your sailboat.

If you do not know how to sail, then where you go is at the mercy of the wind. You have no control over the direction it takes you.

On the other hand, if you are a skillful navigator, you will be in full control and are able to go anywhere you choose, regardless of the direction of the wind.

The Personal Transformation Workshop is a well-structured course that provides you with that set of knowledge and skills to navigate your life. It forms the basis of your Transformation Work.

It facilitates your personal and spiritual transformation through:

  • the understanding of how the universe works
  • the role your mind plays in creations and experiences
  • the resetting of your world views, beliefs and mindset to achieve your desired goals
  • the befriending of your strengths and weaknesses
  • the cultivation of your mind

In the workshop, we provide you a safe and conducive space for self exploration, self discovery and self actualization. We also provide you with tips, tools and skills to facilitate your transformation.

This is a workshop on self-discovery. It is an inner journey to understanding your thoughts and feelings, your beliefs, habits, fears and assumptions. It is a courageous look at the very heart of who you truly are and what motivates you. It is based on the philosophy that the truth will set you free.

Some of the modules covered in this workshop are:

  1. Understanding Spirituality and Universal Laws
  2. Understanding our Mind
  3. Projections and Mirroring
  4. Shadows, Resistance and Fears
  5. Our Belief System and Mental Habits
  6. Understanding Emotions
  7. Forgiveness, Acceptance and Letting Go
  8. Communication Skills
  9. Relationships
  10. Finding Meanings in Life

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