Transformation Work

The Transformation Work we do here is focused on these four areas:

  1. Body Transformation
    • Your physical body is at its best when it is in perfect health and perfect relaxation. A tense body is symptomatic of stress, and this will impair your immunity and your ability to work optimally.
  2. Feelings or Emotional Transformation
    • When you are emotionally relaxed and loving, you are at your best of emotional health. On the other hand, any negative emotions can impair not just your judgment in making the right decisions, but also your ability to cope with further stress. EQ is often more effective and beneficial than IQ.
  3. Mind Transformation
    • A mind at peace with itself is indeed hard to come by, yet this is the goal of our practice. It is highly recommended to learn to become aware of our own inner irrational thoughts and beliefs, and the negative self-talks we so often give ourselves. Mental resilience is the result of mastery over our thoughts and emotions.
  4. Spirit Transformation
    • Fearlessness is not only possible. It is the ultimate bliss. Serenity of mind is the result of overcoming inner limitations and false beliefs. Going beyond the self, we learn to live intuitively with the universe.

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