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Transforming Fear

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Transforming Fear

Facilitated by Dr. Ong Tien Kwan

"The only real way for us to transform any experience - especially past unpleasant, fearful or painful experience - is through a shift in the way we see the experience. This is called a paradigm shift, which is basically a change in the way we see things. We achieve that by changing our perspective. This usually involves looking at things from a higher perspective, and a perspective that is closer to the truth, free from our beliefs and conditioning." -- Dr. TK Ong

Before we can transform fear, we must first understand what fear is. Some people say that F.E.A.R. stands for False Evidence Appearing Real, and this is actually quite a good way to describe it.

But cognitively understanding fear itself is inadequate when we want to transform it into something better and more useful for us. We also need to understand it affectively - emotionally. We need to understand how fear is imprinted, conditioned and stored within us, and how we can safely release its hidden and often destructive energy.

We also need to recognise fear's many manifestations,and the costs of not facing up to it.

The Manifestations of Fear

The Costs of Fear