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Death and Spirituality

It is difficult not to talk about spirituality when you talk about death. Death and spirituality are so intertwined in the dying process that I believe it is a mistake to intentionally avoid talking about it.

In fact, I suspect that the reason most people avoided this subject is because they themselves are uncomfortable with this topic, and not the patient. Caregivers - both family members and healthcare providers - are often guilty of this. So, in order for us to do justice to the dying person (and to ourselves), both as a family member and as a professional caregiver, we ourselves must first confront this issue.

Is there any compelling evidence to support the reality of spirituality? Yes, there is, but as we can well imagine, since this is in the area of the intangible (nothing solid for us to observe), it is mostly based on subjective experiences. However, less you quickly dismiss this, let me remind you that our entire life is made up of exactly just these - experiences. Our experiences are what made life real to us. Without them, we might as well not exist at all.

With regards to some of the deathbed phenomena mentioned below, a patient once asked me this question: "How do we know that what the patient experiences is real or mind-made?". And my response was: "Which part of our experiences are NOT mind-made?"

Below are some areas that we can explore:

  1. Deathbed phenomena
  2. Near Death Experiences
  3. Is there rebirth or reincarnation?
  4. What happens after you die?
  5. Evidence for Spirituality
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