About Transformation Work

About Transformation Work

At Transformation Work, our goal is to help individuals who are interested in changing their lives (and this world) for the better. Our focus, however, is not on the external physical world. Instead, we focus on our inner worlds of body and mind.

We focus specifically on four areas – body, feelings, mind and spirit.


Your own physical body is unique. It is your medium to experiencing your own physical existence and experiences. Listen to your body. Befriend your body. Make your body your ally, your friend, your beloved. Only in this way can your body work optimally for your full experiences.

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Your feelings are the windows to your inner worlds. Do not be afraid of them. Understand them. Explore them. Start to befriend your own shadows and fears. They are the gateways to self discovery and personal transformation. It is possible to live a life without fear. In fact, fearlessness is not only possible; it is the highest bliss.



Your mind is the source of your creative power. It is the source of all your happiness. Unfortunately, it is also the source of all your sufferings. We have a mind that is conditioned – habituated to think in a certain way. We hold beliefs that perpetuate this habit. When the mind is still, there is peace. When the mind is distressed, it means we have an error in our thinking.

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Spirit is always pure and unconditioned. The doorway to experiencing the spirit is through your heart, not your thoughts. It is found in the gap between your thoughts – in the stillness of your mind. Do not resist spirit. Let it flow freely through you. Learn to live life intuitively.

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