The Amazing Power of Beliefs

The Amazing Power of Beliefs

Of all the things that influence our lives, our beliefs is perhaps the most important. What we believe shapes our attitude and behaviour, and if we want to change or transform our lives we cannot truly succeed without changing our beliefs.

The Internet is filled with stories about how the power of belief can and has changed a person’s life. What is less obvious to most people is how our beliefs determine our day to day reality.

I once heard a testimony from a public speaker about how he unconsciously allowed his belief to alter his life. Here’s his story:

“I had a very good working relationship with my boss until this incident occurred.

One day, my boss told me that he was picking up a very important client from the airport and he invited me to come along. I felt it was an honour to be invited along to welcome our important client. We drove to the airport in his car. He was driving and I was in the front passanger seat.

At the airport, we did not need to wait long before we met our client and quickly walked him to the car.

As we neared the car, all of a sudden, my boss tossed me his car keys and asked me to drive. He simply seated himself with the client in the back seat. They chatted all the way back, oblivious to my presence.

At that moment, I felt and believed that my boss has used me. He has invited me along so that he can get a driver for himself and our client. I felt so angry with him that from that moment on my impression of him has changed. I did not believe that this was a man who would look after my interest.

After this incident, I felt the need to get back at him. Each time we have a company meeting, I tried to sabotage his proposals and suggestions by pointing out the negative aspects of his ideas. I wanted to make things tough for him.

This went on for several years until I left the company for another job. Even up to the day I left, he had no idea why my attitude towards him had changed.”

Self Limiting Beliefs

A belief is merely a perception of reality. What we choose to believe, therefore, determines OUR reality. Our attitude and behaviour change to be in congruent with our beliefs.

“Whether you believe it or not, it’s true.”

“Whatever our mind conceives and believes, it achieves.”

“Your universe begins in your mind.”

“You can choose what to believe in.”

It is important to realise that there are constructive beliefs and destructive beliefs. A constructive belief is a belief that expands life and leads to empowerment and fulfilment of life. A destructive belief is a self limiting belief that constrict your life and leads to a loss of power.

Unfortunately for most of us, we have a lot more self limiting beliefs that constructive beliefs. This is ONE big reason why we are stuck in our lives and feel as if we are the victims of fate, unable to determine our own lives.

The moment we change these self limiting beliefs with more positive ones, our attitude and behaviour will automatically change to be in congruence with our new beliefs, and with that change we will attract new and more liberating possibilities into our lives.

Changing our beliefs

Changing our beliefs requires effort and persistence. Old habits die hard. Being creatures of habits, there is always an unconscious resistance to change within us. Thus, it is important to recruit as many tools as we can to help us change our beliefs.

These are some of the tools I used:

1. Affirmations
2. Visualisations
3. Subliminal messages
4. Hypnosis
5. Meditation

Used together, they become a very potent way to effect change in our beliefs. It has worked for me and countless others and I know it can work for you too.


Dr. Tim Ong is a medical doctor and the author of “From Fear to Love: A Spiritual Journey” and “The Book of Personal Transformation”. He is also a contributing author of David Riklan’s “101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life – Volume 3” with other authors like Mark Victor Hansen, Ken Blanchard, Byron Katie and Les Brown. You can get more inspiring and mind transforming articles at his websites at The Self Improvement Site and Mind Science 101.

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