Change Your Beliefs and You Change Your Life

Change Your Beliefs and You Change Your Life

Our mind is to our body what the software is to the computer. It controls the body. Whatever words and deeds that come out through your mouth or your body must first be conceived in your mind. Our belief system is comparable to the computer’s operating system (OS). It determines…. how we respond or react to the external world and circumstances, and what we attract into our life.

If you look carefully at yourself, you’ll realise that how you respond to a certain situation is largely dependant on your core beliefs. If you believe that the world out there is a dog-eat-dog world, you’ll respond in a certain way. You’ll put on your guard when you deal with people around you, with a greater degree of mistrust and apprehension. This is a common mindset in the business world.

Contrast that with your mindset when you’re in a sacred place, for example in a church or a temple. Your responses toward people in such places are entirely different from your usual dealing with your business associates. Even your words become softer and gentler. Your entire mannerism changes.

So how we respond to the external world depends on our core beliefs.

The second fact to remember, and this is important if we want to change our life, is that our core beliefs also determine what we attract into our life. This is consistent with the Universal Law of Attraction that says like attracts like.

This is because our belief system is like our computer’s operating system. If your computer is running a Windows OS, your mind will only be attracted to softwares and programmes that is compatible with the Windows environment. It automatically overlooks programmes for Macs and Linux because you know you cannot run those programmes in your PC. Thus our belief system may limit our possibilities in life.

Likewise, if you believe in scarcity (as opposed to a belief in abundance), you’ll attract circumstances into your life that is consistent with that belief and so you’ll find yourself in constant struggle to accumulate the wealth you want. Note that what you believe need not be what you want.

What this means is that…

… without fail!

In fact, this truth is so important that I will repeat it once more.


Like a seed, the imprints in our mind will bear fruits when circumstances are conducive for its ripening. How fast and whether a belief manifests itself in our physical reality is dependant on:

the strength of our belief
the duration we hold that belief

The stronger and longer we hold our belief, the more likely it is to crystalise or come true in our life.

By knowing this, we can therefore change our life by changing our belief systems. What we need to do is to recognise our present belief systems which are not working for us and replace those beliefs with those that will work in our favour. Hold these new beliefs long enough and we’ll change the outer reality of our life.

This is the key to re-inventing your life.


Here’s how you can apply this principle in your life:

Sieve through your mind and identify your core beliefs. Write them down and see for yourself how your behaviour has been consistent with your core beliefs.
Select and change the core beliefs that are not working for you with those that work. For example, if you previously believe in scarcity you should now replace that with the belief in abundance. Hold this new belief strongly and long enough and your behaviour will automatically change to become consistent with your new belief and you’ll attract abundance into your life. That’s a certainty!

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