Awareness before Change

Awareness before Change

If I asked you whether you are satisfied with these few areas of your life, what would be your honest answers?

  1. Is your health better today than it was 3 months ago?
  2. Are you enjoying better relationships with your loved ones and friends now than you were 6 months ago?
  3. Are you satisfied with your job or career path right now? Do you see it improving in the next 6 months?
  4. Are you financially where you want to be now?

If you are not satisfied with your level of health, relationships, career and finance right now, chances are you have enormous rooms for improvement and growth. The question is โ€“ why are you not doing it? Why are you still where you are now?
Awareness Before Change (ABC)

The truth is that most people stay where they are now 6 months from now or even years from now. A certain percentage may even deteriorate in status, and only a handful actually improve their lives.

For most people, there is no urge or motivation for change simply because they are not aware of the great possibilities ahead. They do not realize the kind of opportunities and possibilities that life holds for them. Nobody has told them that their lives are in their hands, and that if they wish to change it for the better, they can. They have never been taught how.

There are several awareness or realizations that can facilitate change. These awareness opens up new possibilities for you.

Awareness #1: The universe we live in is mind-made. By virtue of the fact that we are mind-beings, we are actively participating in the creation of this universe. In fact, we are creating our lives every moment. Unfortunately for most of us, we are doing this unconsciously. That is why it seems as if we are not in control of what comes into our lives. To become the master of your own destiny, you must create your life consciously.

Awareness #2: Our external experience is a mirror reflection of our inner state of mind. In other words, our external experience can be our feedback for us to know our own inner mind state. Once we know this, we have a potent tool to look into the inner content of our mind. From there, we can recognize limiting beliefs, false assumptions and unrealistic expectations. This gives us the opportunity to transform our mind.

Awareness #3: Our beliefs are merely that โ€“ beliefs. There are our perceptions of reality. They are not reality itself. Beliefs are not real and therefore they can change. This means that it is possible for us to change our own beliefs, and particularly our limiting beliefs.

Awareness #4: Our emotions and our happiness are determined by our thoughts. More specifically, the state of our emotion is dependent on the types of thoughts we hold to be true. Change those thoughts and you literally change your emotional state.

Awareness #5: We are, ultimately, spiritual beings. We are complete unto ourselves. That means that we can find everything we need within us โ€“ peace, joy, abundance. Our limiting beliefs in lack and scarcity are obstacles we placed on ourselves, and therefore we have the ability to remove these obstacles so that the light of realization shines once again upon our true nature.

These awareness can be very liberating. They open up tremendous possibilities for us to live the lives we want. They put us in charge of our lives but we must first agree to take full responsibility for our own life.

Reflect on these awareness and see if they make sense to you.




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