Identifying Limiting Beliefs through Recurring Patterns

Identifying Limiting Beliefs through Recurring Patterns

One of the most common patterns of behaviour that I encounter is a self sabotaging behaviour towards money.

Diane is a lady in her mid 30’s. She is a very kind hearted woman and enjoys helping people. Despite her good nature and pure intention, she constantly complains that she just can’t seem to prosper, no matter what she does. Every business venture that she tries seems to end in failure.

“I do not cheat and I do not lie to do business, yet I am not able to succeed in whatever I do. Perhaps people like me are just not suited for business,” she says.

And there-in lies her problem!

She believes that business is a “dirty” business and good people cannot therefore succeed in business. Furthermore, she also believes that she should not get rewarded for doing good things for others. So each time she gives a good service to others, she dare not charge them a premium rate. In fact, she frequently undercharged them, sometimes resulting in a loss to herself. On the other hand, when she buys from others, she is afraid that they may not earn enough from her, and so she rarely ever negotiate for a good price for her own purchases.

Little wonder she fails in her businesses!

Once she recognises her self limiting beliefs, she immediately make a conscious effort to change them.

“It’s not easy to change.

There is already a set pattern of behaviour. The old habits I have tried to resist my effort to change. At first, it feels very uncomfortable to do things differently, to behave and respond differently, but after a few times it gets easier.

Learning to negotiate was a new experience for me. There is this constant guilt that arises whenever I start a negotiation, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that others seem to accept negotiation as part and parcel of doing business. Some even looked at me with a new respect! Pretty soon, I was trying to negotiate at everything. Of course, I remind myself not to get carried away.”

Dramatic changes sometimes require only a single change in our limiting beliefs.


As mentioned earlier, limiting beliefs about money is one of the most common problems encountered by the masses. Some of these limiting beliefs are:

* Money is the root of all evils
* People who are filthy rich cannot have gotten their wealth legitimately
* Poor is good. It means I am more spiritual
* I don’t deserve to be rich
* When I do good, I shouldn’t asked to be rewarded for my effort
* And many more…

If you have any one of these beliefs, it’s time you recognise them and do something about it. There are many ways to overcome these limiting beliefs and we will touch on them later.

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