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The Importance of an Open Mind

The Importance of an Open Mind

Having an open mind is an important requirement or prerequisite for personal transformation.  

This is because the reason we are stuck where we are right now is our rigid and unyielding mind. It is precisely because of this rigid mind that we do not seem to have changed, to have progress, to have moved forward. We are still stuck in our old limiting beliefs, and therefore in our old attitude that has become a hindrance to our own progress.  

With this rigid, unyielding mind, we are blind to opportunities and possibilities that are there for us. We are building walls and closing doors. We imprison ourselves in our own little world, our little cocoon of comfort and apparent safety. We may feel safe, but it is actually a false sense of safety. In the long run, it is detrimental to our psychological and physical health. We are constantly validating our fears. 

When you have an open mind, you start to change all that.  

An open mind allows you to see more possibilities, more opportunities. An open mind allows you to consider other views, other options. They are all there, waiting for you. But you need to have an open mind to see them. With an open mind, the doors disappear. The wall disappears.  

With an open mind, you can start to see and recognize your own limiting beliefs and attitude. And once you are aware of them, you can change them. With a rigid mind, you cannot even see them, let alone recognize and change them.  

Thus, an open mind is an important prerequisite for personal transformation. If you want to change your life, start by having an open mind. 

Practice till You Get It Right

Practice till You Get It Right

Once you have gotten the right and wholesome world view, your mind formulates some life principles to be used as guidance in life. Your life principles become a compass that guides you in everything you think, say and do.

There are, however, some important life skills you need to cultivate and fine-tune if you were to set the wheel of transformation in motion.

Some of the essential life skills are:

  1. Mindfulness
  2. Letting Go

Theoretical knowledge will not transform you. Only when you put what you know into practice can you begin to see the changes you desire.

So… Practice! Practice! Practice!

Daily Mindfulness for Personal Transformation contains practical tips, tools and skills that are essential to your practice.

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Perspective – How you view the world matters

Perspective – How you view the world matters

Throughout the ages, philosophers and spiritual seekers have been seeking and debating on the nature of the world and of life itself. Why is this important to them? It is important because how you view the world matters. Your world view and your personal understanding about life and how it works determine how you think, speak and act.

Whether you are aware of it or not, your concept and understanding of how the world works is the foundation of all your subsequent beliefs and behaviors.

Thus, having an accurate world view is fundamental to living a successful and fulfilling life. Unfortunately, not many people have taken time to understand and investigate their own world view.

Do you know what your world view is?


There are two world views that are fundamentally opposing in nature. One is a spiritual world view and the other is a materialistic world view. Which do you hold to be true?

Do you see yourself…

  • as a spiritual being inhabiting a physical body, or
  • as a physical being with a spiritual inclination?

Do you see this world as a benevolent universe or a hostile one?

How you view the world can fundamentally change the way you experience your life. This is because your experience is determined by how you perceive the event. Your perception, in turn, is determined by which perspective you perceive from.

If you see it from a spiritual perspective, you get one type of experience. If you see it from a materialistic perspective, you get a different experience. Moving from a materialistic to a spiritual perspective is effectively a powerful and life changing paradigm shift.

Thus, it is essential that you get this right from the beginning.

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What does it mean to take full responsibility for your life?

What does it mean to take full responsibility for your life?

When you said that you are taking full responsibility for your life, it must not be said only as lip service. Instead, it must come with a real change in mindset. A person who takes full responsibility for his life has a certain attitude towards living his life.

He understands that everything that he experiences is a result of his own thoughts and manifestations. He understands how his thoughts create his experiences. He also understands that how he experiences his life depends on his perspective, or how he sees things.

Thus, his own state of mind – whether happy or sad, good or bad – depends only on himself, on how he manages his mind. He sees the importance of having a greater degree of mastery over his mind. He sees the need to work with his mind.

He begins by discarding any old mental habits of criticizing and judging others, or even the tendency to do so. He then applies it on himself as well, meaning that he also stops criticizing and judging himself.

He realizes the importance of looking within to further understand himself better. Therefore, he learns to be mindful, to be more aware of his thoughts and feelings. He observes how his mind works, without judging it. He simply witnesses the unfolding of his thoughts and feelings as they occur, fully accepting them, embracing them. He drops all resistance, all fears through understanding and through confidence in the benevolence of the universe.

He understands that his present experience is the results of his past thoughts and mental habits. He realizes also that how he responds to his present reality becomes the seed for his future experiences. Thus, he consciously chooses his responses, thereby changing his present and future experiences.

This act of conscious choosing gives him a greater degree of mastery and control over the outcomes of his life. It is indeed empowering to know that one has the ability to determine one’s own destiny.

This is in sharp contrast to one who is unaware of all this, and simply reacts to events through his conditioned mind, out of old mental habits. Life seems out of his personal control for one like this.

He who takes full responsibility for his life also knows that he is fully accountable for his decisions and choices, and he takes on that responsibility knowingly and willingly. This takes courage and honesty.

One who takes full responsibility for his life is one with such a mindset. With the absence of judging, with greater understanding and acceptance through mindfulness, he begins to experience a new and transformed life – one with greater peace of mind and contentment.