If you were to give only one advice, what would be that one advice that you would give to someone who is keen to transform his or her life?

Gain mastery over your own mind. This would be the one advice I would give to anyone who is keen to transform his or her life.

It is quite simple. Our happiness or suffering is mind-created. It is experienced in the mind. Our state of mind is dependent both on how our mind is conditioned (attitude and receptivity) and how we interpret the present experience. Our thoughts shape or influence our feelings. Therefore, in order to attain happiness or peace of mind, we need to gain mastery over our mind by understanding how all these influences shape the state of our mind. We need to understand our conditioned mind, our beliefs, the way we think and feel, and how we interpret our experiences.

We also need to have the courage to look at our fears and beliefs. There is a huge “pool of pain” within each of us. We need to be able to face this pool of pain honestly and non-judgmentally in order to heal.

We begin with understanding the mechanism of the mind and how it works, but we do not stop there. In order to change how our mind works, we will also need to train the mind. This is done through meditation practice. Regular meditation practices calm our mind, heightened awareness and provide deep insights into the true nature of our mind.