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The Power of Beliefs

The Power of Beliefs

What are beliefs? 

A belief is merely a perception of reality. This perception may or may not be accurate. Nevertheless, we believe it to be true.  

Knowing something to be true is different from believing that something is true. In knowing, we have either seen the truth for ourselves, or we have strong evidence to support our conclusion that it is true. 

With beliefs, there may not be a knowing of truth, or any evidence to support our conclusion that it is true. We merely believe that it is so. 

However, a belief is not to be trifled with. Beliefs are almost always associated with, or invested with, strong emotions. That is why it can be difficult to get someone to change their beliefs. When their beliefs are challenged, their automatic reaction is to resist or push back. This may manifest in the form of anger or outright confrontation. 

Beliefs are also very powerful. Once you believed in something, you create a potential for it to become true to you. Acting on this belief validates it, and gives you the corresponding results that is congruent with your belief.  

The positive power of beliefs can be seen in spontaneous healing. The negative power of beliefs can be seen in all the fanatics in religions that end up as suicide bombers, murderers and manipulators.  

How do we form our beliefs? 

We form beliefs in two ways.  

The first way is through the way we interpret our own experience. This, in turn, is dependent on our own attitude towards life and our pre-existing beliefs. Our attitude itself is formed by our pre-existing beliefs. So, we can say that how we interpret our experience is greatly influenced by our pre-existing beliefs. Thus, we form new beliefs on top of old beliefs. Therefore, we have layers upon layers of beliefs, most of which we are not even aware of. They reside in our subconscious mind.  

The second way is when we accept what other people tell us as truth, often without even trying to verify or validate them. From young, we have been conditioned to believe that what our parents tell us are true. Likewise, we believe in those in position of authority, such as teachers, police and religious leaders. So, we automatically believe in whatever they tell us as truth. We do not try to, or even bother to verify them before accepting them as truth. 

This is erroneous on our part. The job of verifying the truth is our responsibility, and we should take it seriously. We should not be so gullible as to believe what people say without verification. 

We should also be careful of manipulators who are good at using words to evoke our deep emotions, and to arouse us to act in their interests. Using the right words that resonate with your beliefs, they can easily lead you by the nose and push you to act in a self-destructive way, and often, by staying out of harm’s way themselves. 

A belief does not have to be true for it to work for you 

 This is important to know – that a belief does not have to be true for it to work for you. In fact, that is why beliefs are so powerful, but used wrongly, they are also extremely destructive. When you truly believe in something, you basically hypnotize yourself with that belief, and live its “truth”, oblivious to reality.  

That is why people who are paranoid can behave in ways that are consistent with their paranoia, and may even resort to harming others in their attempt to protect themselves. Likewise, religious fanatics are willing to blow themselves up or kill others in the name of their beliefs, even when those actions are inconsistent with the real tenets of that religion.  

In a more positive way, a belief can cause spontaneous healing.  

So, be very careful what you choose to believe in. They can make or break you. Be aware of your beliefs.

Is Spirituality Real?

Is Spirituality Real?

Before we can answer this question – “Is spirituality real?” – we need to first define what we mean by spirituality. In this article, I use the word “spirit” to mean that which is intangible, immaterial, not perceivable by the five physical senses of eyes, ears, nose, tongue and body. However, this is not to say that the spirit cannot see, hear or touch, or sense anything. What it really means is that the spirit sees, hears and senses without the need of any of these five physical organs. Our spirituality would, therefore, be our experiences in spirit.

Therefore, for spirituality to be real or true, the existence of spirit must be independent of our physical body. In other words, spirit must be able to continue to exist even after physical death. Is there any evidence to suggest that this is indeed the case?


Bear in mind that the current scientific belief is that our consciousness is the by-product of biochemical processes in our brain or body. Based on this thinking, there is no possibility of existence after the body dies. However, I should remind you that this is a rather recent belief. There is no evidence to suggest that this belief is factual or true. It simply is a belief.

In fact, for thousands of years, people of all different cultures have believed in the existence of spirit, in afterlife and in spirituality. Were they wrong in their beliefs?

Some scientific studies on near death experiences (NDEs) and past lives, as well as out-of-body experiences (OBEs) and psychic phenomena (psi) may offer us some clues. Scientists at the Department of Perceptual Studies (DOPS) in University of Virginia have been studying such phenomena for more than 50 years.

Below are two videos of some of these scientists sharing their work with the public.


Near Death Experience (NDE)

And if you are interested in near death experience, this personal account by a neurosurgeon might be of interest to you (below):

Here is another personal account of NDE by Anita Moorjani. She is the author of the book entitled “Dying to be me!”


Nearing Death Awareness (NDA)

Nearing death awareness (NDA) is a term used to describe a dying person’s awareness of impending death. This may include things such as seeing and talking to “someone” who has passed away, talking about undertaking a journey or trip, a knowledge that one is going to die, and other similarly inexplicable phenomena.

Meditation-related Spiritual Experiences

Experienced and expert meditators have also described spiritual experiences that are similar to those described above, such as out-of-body experiences (OBEs), levitation and spiritual healing.

The Reality Sculptor

The Reality Sculptor

A reality sculptor is one who molds his life according to his will. He achieves this by thoroughly understanding the five fundamental spiritual truths, cultivating his mind and mastering the skills and techniques necessary for the achievement of his goals.

A reality sculptor sees the world in a certain way and his mind is a vibrational match to what he aims to achieve.

Anyone can be a reality sculptor.



Most people do not live their lives with this awareness that they can affect their own reality and only a handful of those who know actually put in the effort to affect their reality. Of those who do put in the effort, their ability to mold their lives varies.

Igor Ledochowski, a master hypnotist and trainer, classifies reality sculptors into three different levels of competency. They are:

  1. The Mechanic
  2. The Engineer
  3. The Wizard (Magician)



If you choose to become a reality sculptor, your greatest asset is that you can CHOOSE what to FOCUS on. In fact, it is your only FREE WILL.

  1. BELIEF – Believe it and you will see it
  2. INVERTED THINKING – What Is is already done; focus on the job at hand
  3. EMPTY YOUR MIND – Reset, reset, reset to remove, remove, remove resistance
  4. VIBRATIONAL MATCH – Resonance, Magnetize, Attraction, Causal, whatever you call it


10 Reasons why Holographic Creation is more powerful than Visualization

10 Reasons why Holographic Creation is more powerful than Visualization

This thing that we call Time is only an illusion. The only moment is now. Waiting is a state of mind. Basically it means that you want the future and don’t want the present. The key is to break the old patterns of present moment denial and present moment resistance. – (Dr. Robert Anthony)

Creating reality in the moment is holographic creation. You can also call it manifesting in holographic time. You create what you want on a spiritual level (quantum level), and then it grows until it becomes crystallized into physical reality.

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